What is Your USP?

Your USP, or unique selling proposition, is a characteristic of your product or service that provides a competitive advantage and is valued by customers. 

 A USP is important to the consumer and influences their purchase decision. 

 For example, a physician might highlight board certification as a unique qualification which is sought after by patients. The popularity of leggings and cell phones might lead to a USP for leggings with pockets. 

 A strong USP strengthens communications and invites engagement because it highlights something that is important to the customer.

 When defining your USP, consider:

·     Product features

·     Staff qualifications

·     Service terms

·     Customization 

·     Support

·     Price

·     Quality

·     Ease of use

·     Customer input: reviews, complaints

·     3rdParty recognition

USP Tips

Make It Unique

Make sure your USP is actually unique. If every dentist in your area has certified dental hygienists, choose something else as your focus, like evening and weekend hours, or Parent’s Choice Award Winner. 

Validate It

Once you’ve defined your USP, validate it with customers through conversations, surveys, interviews, and testing in digital content. If your experienced staff never comes up in conversation or reviews, but on-time repairs is a consistent topic, test messages that more closely align with customer input.

Update It

As your organization or product mix changes, update your USP. If you’re the first to offer a new product, the only one with stock in the area, the winner of a coveted award—use these unique attributes in your communications. Listen to how customers describe their pain points and what influenced their purchase so you can incorporate the most important messages.

Defining your USP is an important way to communicate vision with your staff and improve customer communications. Let me know if I can help

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